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Our Mission

The Southwest Mosquito Abatement and Control District was legally created on December 6, 2002.

BOUNDARY:  The boundary of the District is the boundary of Washington County

MISSION STATEMENT:  The mission of the Southwest Mosquito Abatement and Control District is:

  • To represent the citizens of Washington County in setting policies leading to the enhancement of health and quality of life through abatement and control of mosquito populations, which cause a nuisance and can also be vectors of diseases.
  • To provide safe, effective, and economical mosquito control.
  • To practice integrated mosquito management principles.

To fulfill this mission the following principles are applied:

  • The prevention of mosquito transmitted diseases and the protection of human and animal health are the primary concerns.
  • Research is an integral part of the mission.
  • The District is highly sensitive to environmental concerns and committed to the protection of the environment.
  • Best management practices utilizing scientifically accepted control methods are encouraged.
  • The District will cooperate with other organizations, agencies, and individuals necessary to fulfill the mission.
  • The District will cooperate with landowners to minimize our impact on private lands.