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About Us

We proudly provide mosquito control services to the communities of Washington County, Utah.

May contain: Mosquito, animal, invertebrate, insect, anisoptera, and arachnid

Mosquitoes are a nuisance as well as potential carriers of deadly diseases. For these reasons, in 2002 Southwest Mosquito Abatement and Control District (SWMACD) was approved as a special service district. The district is funded through property taxes. The district is managed by a board of trustees consisting of representatives from each incorporated city in the couty.

The Southwest Mosquito Abatement and Control District is dedicated to responsibly improving the quality of life and increasing public education in our area. We accomplish this by utilizing Integrated Pest Management strategies, which are designed to be cost-effective control measures, intended to reduce mosquito populations and the diseases they potentially carry, while being environmentally sensitive.

Communication and cooperation with property owners, residents and governmental agencies are critical components in the effort to reduce mosquito populations. Southwest Mosquito Abatement and Control District strives to be open and responsive to our community.