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Mosquito Surveillance Technician- Full-Time, Non-Benefited


Mosquito Surveillance Technician- Full-Time, Non-Benefited (updated 1-9-24)

General Purpose

Mosquito Surveillance: To control mosquitoes through larvicide and adulticide. Perform surveillance of mosquito habitats to determine the most effective control methods.

Adult Mosquito Surveillance: To trap mosquitoes and analyze their distribution throughout the district.

General Responsibilities

  • Attend all required training sessions.  
  • Keep accurate records of all data gathered.  
  • Maintain assigned equipment in a clean and professional manner.  
  • Perform all other duties seen as necessary to support the team.  
  • Be appropriately dressed and prepared for all mosquito environments and activities.

Field Responsibilities  

  • Perform simple equipment maintenance and repairs as necessary.  
  •  Assist in receiving and maintaining stock inventories.  
  • Inspect and make appropriate treatments of designated mosquito breeding locations as directed.  Maintain an awareness of irrigation patterns and practices in assigned areas.  
  • Dig and clean drainage channels, cut vegetation, and perform other labor in source reduction. 
  • Keep accurate inspections and treatment records of work performed, both hard copy and digital as  necessary.  
  • Keep district buildings and grounds in a clean orderly condition.  
  • Use all safety precautions necessary while out in the field.  
  • Oversee proper distribution of pesticides.  
  • Follow practices outlined in the Pesticide Discharge Management Plan (PDMP).  
  • Reading and understanding SDS & labels of pesticides. 
  • Work in close collaboration with the team to facilitate the testing of vector mosquitoes. 

Adult Mosquito Surveillance Responsibilities  

  •  Identify potential areas as mosquito habitat.  
  • Coordinate the setting of traps in different locations throughout the district to get a general surveillance of mosquito distribution that may vary according to seasons.  
  •  Maintain traps including proper care of CO2 cylinders, regulators, and batteries.  
  •  Learn and train the proper identification of mosquitoes found in the area.  
  • Make light trap collections and bite counts as needed.

Education and Experience  

  • Education equivalent to a high school diploma (appropriate work experience which will develop a level of  achievement and literacy equivalent to a high school education may be substituted for the required  education)  
  •  At least one season of mosquito control experience  
  •  Should have or be trained to have a working knowledge and understanding of:  
    • Proper safety precautions and use of insecticides being used by the District 
    • Mosquito developmental time under prevailing temperatures 
    • Mosquito larval habitats 
    • Proper application techniques of mosquito larval surveillance and treatments  

Key Competencies & Licenses  

  • Work dependably and cooperatively with others  
  • Maintain and appreciate safety precautions  
  • Know how to operate specialized equipment  
  • Proficient knowledge of Excel and GIS-type software  
  • Exercise independent judgment  
  • Work outdoors in difficult terrain and weather conditions  
  • Must be physically able and willing to do heavy physical labor  
  • A valid Utah Motor Vehicle Operator's License with an excellent driving record  
  • A Non-commercial Pesticide Applicators License in the Public Health Category from the Utah State  Department of Agriculture 
    • If not in possession, you must schedule to take the test within 1 month of being hired. You must receive the above license within 2 months of being hired.  

Salary/ wage Range:

$17- $25 per hour- Depending upon previous experience.