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Lab Technician- Full-Time, non-benefited


Lab Technician- Full-Time, non-benefited 

General Purpose 

To prepare and test mosquitoes for potential disease and record results according to accepted lab procedures. 

Main Job Tasks and Responsibilities 

  • To prepare vials with trapped, identified vector mosquitoes. 
  • To record all data gathered during a testing session in the appropriate databases.  
  • To follow the SWMACD testing protocol for West Nile Virus, Western Equine Encephalitis, and Saint Louis  Encephalitis. 
  • Follow standard procedures for running testing equipment: pipettes, vortex, centrifuge, dry bath, etc. 
  • Use great care in preparing supernatant, super pools, RNA samples, positive and negative controls, and master mix to not contaminate any samples. 
  • Understand testing procedures and apply understanding to accurately identify existing disease.  
  • Run the RT-PCR machine appropriately to test for potential disease. 
  • Use a computer to run RT-PCR software, set up tests, and save results.  
  • Work in close collaboration with the Trapping Technicians to facilitate the testing of vector mosquitoes.  Produce weekly reports to the Supervisor / Manager. 
  • Attend all required training sessions 
  • Perform related duties as required.  

Education and Experience 

  • Education equivalent to high school diploma (appropriate work experience which will develop a level of  achievement and literacy equivalent to a high school education may be substituted for the required  education) 
  • Should have or be trained to have a working knowledge and understanding of:  
    • Lab Environment, Clinical Lab Testing, Creating a Safe & Effective Environment, Sterilization,  Equipment Calibration, Biohazard Safety, Supply Management, Self-Development

Key Competencies & Licenses 

  •  Work dependably and cooperatively with others 
  • Maintain and appreciate safety precautions  
  • Maintain a sanitary, uncontaminated environment, necessary for identifying specific disease 
  • Learn to operate specialized equipment  
  • Exercise independent judgment 
  • Ability to accurately interpret and apply applicable rules and regulations 
  • Ability to coordinate various operational functions of the District 
  • Ability to apply scientific principles to practical situations 
  • Knowledge of Federal, State, and Local laws and regulations about vector surveillance and control
  • Basic knowledge of computers (Outlook, Microsoft Office, etc.). 
  • A valid Utah Motor Vehicle Operators License with an excellent driving record 
  • A Non-commercial Pesticide Applicators License in the Public Health Category from the Utah State  Department of Agriculture (if needed) 

Salary/ wage Range:  

-$17- $25 per hour